24 hr Sale! Buy 1 Pattern, Get 1 Free!

imageThere’s a 1-day sale starting now in my Ravelry store! Just ad an even number of patterns from my store to your cart, and half of them will be free at checkout! No code required. The discount is automatic, you just need an even number of patterns in the cart to get every other one free at checkout. Eligible patterns are in my store here!

Also, comments 7 and 10 each won a copy of Weekend Wraps. I’ve emailed the winners!

1 thought on “24 hr Sale! Buy 1 Pattern, Get 1 Free!”

  1. Thanks for the sale! I’ve been plotting out my fall kitting and wanted a cute bonnet for a friend whose baby will have surgery and will need soft hats to cover her head. Yours are right up my alley!

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