Oops! 43% Birthday Sale!

Oops! A reader pointed out that she missed my recent birthday sale because I never posted here, or to my email list about it! She just happened to catch my Facebook post, but it was already too late. I’m so sorry, folks! I posted to FB and Instagram but was fighting a nasty cold and never got any further than that before it ended. So, just for blog and email subscribers, I’ve created a 43% off coupon code that you can use on any patterns in my store, until April 7th. $1 from each sale will also be added to the money my daughter is raising for a local organization that provides fuel assistance to people in need (this is what she wanted for her 6th birthday this month). We are doing a simultaneous fundraiser on Facebook, which has already raised $290! To use the special coupon code, visit my pattern store on Ravelry, then make sure to click the link and enter the coupon code 43 before checking out (see photo below). Code can be used through April 7th

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