Handmade Holidays: Soy Candles

Handmade Holidays: Soy Candles

My family is doing a handmade gift swap this year, and while you’d assume I’d be knitting something, the lure of trying a new thing was too strong (I may throw in a handknit hat, if I have time). This summer I tried out cold-process soapmaking, which I now love, and I quickly stockpiled a year’s worth of soap in a few weeks. I was left with lots of partial bottles of essential oils, which made jumping into candle making much cheaper than it normally would be. Also, because I didn’t do as much canning this year, I had a lot of empty jam jars that I could use as candle containers.

I used instructions found online and I had $35 in credit from a Amazon return, so I tried to stay within that amount when ordering these supplies. Remember, you’ll also need essential oils if you don’t have them. I have tons of wax and wicks leftover for several rounds of candle-making in the future.

(full disclosure: I use affiliate links to try to help pay for hosting this blog. I made around $1 this year).

5 lb bag of soy wax

wicks, with centering device and adhesive dots

melting/pouring pot (I placed it in a pan with boiling water, used as a double boiler)

After I made my first set of candles, I realized that these wick centering tools made things much easier, and I regretted buying only one, so I ordered more since I’ll usually be making several candles at a time.

set of centering devices

I didn’t love cleaning up wax or smelling like patchouli all day, but the process was easy. The wicks can be a little tricky; those adhesive dots do not keep them in place, so I may try a dot of super glue next, but the centering devices really helped make it easier.

In the end, I have these, and I’m pretty happy!

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