Viv’s bonnet, and a giveaway!


I have a new pattern out, sized from baby to adult: Viv Bonnet

It’s 25% off until the end of June 2014. No code required.

Also, I’ve been trying lots of fun new needles and gadgets lately, and I thought I’d share a few with you. Leave a comment below, telling me what you want to knit this summer, and I’ll pick a random commenter to win the 3 needle sets in the picture. They’re some of my current favorites, Knitter’s Pride Cubix, and Karbonz. Comments are open until the end of June 2014. I’ll pick a winner using a random number generator. I’ll ship to any country. The comments are moderated on this blog, thanks to spam, so yours may not show up immediately, but it will eventually!

Good Luck!

x Melissa




146 thoughts on “Viv’s bonnet, and a giveaway!”

  • Karbonz are my favorite needle! I will be using them this fall to make the Viv’s bonnet for several little girls on my list. Maybe a big girl too…

  • Oops, just got distracted by a small child and left my comment in the wrong place- sorry!
    I’d love to try knitting a madigan. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • After knitting a lot of baby things in the last few months, I have two sweaters for myself planned for lazy days at the cabin.

  • I would like to knit a new family blanket for the settee snuggle – the kids toes are peeping out of the current one, they’re growing so fast!

  • I want to knit my very first hat. I mainly crochet and have just knitted flat items (scarves). I want to move on to a hat and need the proper needles.

  • I’m working on a sock yarn sweater for a baby expected in October and a linen t-shirt for me. This bonnet will make a beautiful gift!

  • How nice of you to share your gadgets ๐Ÿ˜‰ This summer, I’m knitting a shawl, finishing a baby cardigan, a bag, a KAL shawl, and probably starting a baby blanket. Or something else (I have too many projects in my queue).

  • Wow, I do love that bonnet. There is a baby expected in July….. I love karbonz and want to try cubix. I hope the winner is me!!

  • I just adore that bonnet, I have twin boys so I’m thinking one in a deep grey would be lovely for the fall. I’ve been curious to try the karbonz and cubics. I’m a big fan of metal needles but these might win me over!

  • I want to knit loads of baby stuff and kid stuff for my one year old, two year old, and my baby on the way! It’s going to be the summer of little knits. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • If you pick my name, then pick a second name too. I only would like the Cubics. The 2nd person can have the Karbonz.

    In summer it’s HATS push time. Gotta have 310 hats by September.

  • I need to replenish my shawl collection this summer and maybe some socks – need some quick projects for the summer!

  • I want to finish some of the socks I have on the needles and knit some Rachel Coopey socks.
    wahoomerryf on Ravelry

  • Strangely I am in to blanket knitting this summer. Finishing a log cabin now, starting a self-designed baby blankie next.

  • I’ve got a few baby knits (first grandbaby due in September), and warm things (daughter moving to Wisconsin) and hopefully a sweater and a few accessories for me. That seems like a lot of knitting, doesn’t it?! I’d love to try the Karbonz needles! … mere on Ravelry

  • I’ve mostly got WIPs lined up to finish this summer: the socks for my daughter’s birthday, a sun-themed shawl, cotton-bamboo socks, and a February Lady sweater that I got most of the way through and then put aside in favor of more summery things because it wasn’t going to be done in time to wear it right away anyway.

  • I have a baby blanket on the needles right now. Baby is due in early July, though, so I’m looking forward to a nice, lacy, maybe beaded shawl after that!
    Congratulations on your new daughter; she’s gorgeous! My son was 2 weeks early and was 8 lbs 13 oz., I could have easily been in your shoes. I’m so glad everyone is doing well.

  • I’m knitting some socks, just about to start a tee, and hoping to start the Mara shawl before summer is over.

  • I suffer from startitis. I want to start and finish a tea leaves for my youngest daughter entering pre-kindergarten. She has taken great interest in seeing me finish something for her, most recently a thick pair of socks ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I never stop knitting, there is always a project on my needles, at present it is knitting with nature – neck decs with flowers & leaves, lovely natural things. I am disabled and knitting passes time and makes me feel useful. I lovde your bonnet.

  • Such and adorable little hat! I love it! Right now I’ve been working on a shawl that is taking forever, so my plan is to get it finished so I can maybe work on some gifts

  • Knitting some cowls for holiday gifts. My usual sweater knitting obsession is on hold for the summer!

  • Such a cute bonnet, to go with a cute baby! I’m currently working on some test knits, and when I’m done those, I’ll be working on some wips, so that I can free up some needles. But if I win some, maybe I won’t need to do that!

  • This summer i’d like to knit the cardigan I promised my little sister before I was hospitalised over xmas. I’m finally well enough to be able to knit again and its such a relief!

  • I’m just easing back into knitting after some nerve issues, so I’m starting small. I hope to finish a couple of water bottle cozies.

  • I am planning on knitting a shawl for a friend’s birthday and lots of cotton dish cloths in happy bright colors. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This summer I want to learn to make my first tank top! I’m planning to use fingering weight yarn so those needles look perfect ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I don’t usually care about bonnets, but that one is super-charming. There’s a new baby in my family, so you have my wheels turning. More immediately, though, I plan to knit a fingering-weight pullover this summer. Fingers crossed that I have enough of the wool I plan I use. Worse case, it will be a tank top, without sleeves. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • I have two shawls that I am knitting and a couple of socks for when it gets too hot to hold anything larger. Thank you for sharing..

  • knitting the mother in law a cardigan for xmas, a friend socks, and an elephant for me

  • I’m working on a 10 stitch blanket, socks, items for my 2 little grand daughters, so I could sure use more needles!

  • Funny thing is I’m knitting for Christmas… My hubby found his long lost sister and now I have DOUBLE the family to knit for! LOL I’m up to my ears in baby layettes, hats, gloves, and scarves!

  • I am trying to finish the Stormborn shawl from the JBW knit along. I’d also like to start (and finish!) some lamb cuddlies for babies.

  • Generous giveaway! I’m pretty new to knitting, so I’m hoping to make a few baby knits before my little one arrives in August! Thanks!

  • I’ve got several projects planned – some easy (a couple of triangular shawls/scarves) and some harder. I want to learn how to use double pointed needles (for thumbs on fingerless gloves), and I want to start a sweater. I’ve been knitting since February and I’m ready for some bigger challenges.

  • Well a friend of mine just had a beautiful baby girl. She came 3 months early. She is in the NICU so this summer I want to make a hats and booties for the children in the NICU. The baby girl has a big sister who I think totally needs a cupcake hat and a stuffy. Usually I would have put hat but this is important to me.

  • I would love to try the Karbonz, it’s an interesting idea for knitting needles, probably easier on the hands. Also nice hat design, i want to attempt to make an adult sized one. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This summer I would like to spin yarn for, and knit an estonian lace dress

  • I working on perfecting the magic loop toe up 2 at a time socks out of knit picks felici yarn ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I am planning on knitting many kitchen cloths for my brother’s first place along with a baby blanket, and some socks for myself and husband.

  • I am hoping to eventually finish my Viajante which is the longest stretch of stockinette EVER. And then I’d like to make something for my new baby neice!

  • I am knitting a lace scarf, and I have some new, Noro yarn that I am itching to cast on, just not sure what (maybe a little summer sweater).

  • knitting a linen shawl – hopefully it will warm up enough so I can shed my sweatshirt for a summer shawl!

  • I’m expecting my fifth child in August, if I make it that far, and I want to make her hats. I ordered yarn to make a blanket, but I didn’t order enough and they don’t sell the colors I ordered anymore, so hats it will be!

  • My current summer plans are to finish my Hue Shift Afghan and my Lucinda cardigan. After that? I have some patternless Frankenpants that I’ve been working on to use up my cotton stash. I’d like to get those done and wearable.

  • I am finishing a Spider-Man blanket for my grandson, then on to Christmas sweaters for grands, finally a sweater for myself. Realized it has been a long time since I did something for me.

  • I’m trying to finish off a lot of wip’s this summer (to free up needles), but I’d really like to knit a slouchy summer bag

  • I’m going to try knitting in the round “socks” I’ve seen so many great displays of them at the knit shop and think I could make it work

  • I am planning on making myself a cowl/caplet. The pattern is very lacy and I’m making it out of a cotton/linen blend which is perfect for overly air-conditioned interiors. I’m just forcing myself to finish a couple of wips before I start it. I am also thinking about starting my first pair of socks.

  • I really want to start making a Bee Keeper’s Quilt. Very portable and looks fun! Love the new baby hat pattern! It’s adorable. I wish I knew someone who was expecting.

  • I am going to finish the Ecuador cardi for my daughter this summer. I’ve been promising her for a long time, and am making slow progress…

  • I have several baby gifts to finish knitting this summer, as well as some new mitts for my children and myself, and a BBQ set for my Dad. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m currently test knitting a shawl pattern. After that I’ll be knitting up shawls this summer for various relatives and a pair of fingerless gloves for a friend.

  • I will be knitting a few baby gifts for a friend, including a lovey blanket and a hat. After that, I’ll go back to working on a shawl for the winter ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Love that bonnet pattern! So cute! This summer I’m looking to knit my FIRST PAIR OF SOCKS! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I’ve been knitting for several years now and am now finally ready! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • What a gorgeous bonnet!

    I’m hoping to knit the whole family socks! ready for winter.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

  • So far this summer I have been knitting baby sweaters so next I want to knit something for me like a nice tank top or even a shawl. I can’t decide!

  • I’m looking forward to making my first pair of socks. I think Knitters Pride needles would be my first choice for this project.

  • Would love to try some new needles. I am a sockaholic but the baby hat looks cute enough to try and pull me away from my new addiction.

  • I want to finish my Color Affection shawl and the Serenity blanket I started 4(!) years ago. Now I’ve added that sweet little bonnet to the list for my BFF who is expecting a newby this winter.

  • This summer, I plan on knitting lots of socks. There’s so much you can do – color work, cables, lace, different construction techniques.

  • I am working on cardigans from the New England Knits book. I know that it is summer, but I do not care. I am trying to do one a month. I knit a lot. Anyway, I just started to work on the Ashfield cardigan, and plan on making the Salem Hooded Jacket, and the Greenfield Cardigan. This will probably take me into the Fall, but more fun for me.

  • There is a sweater I would like to start for the fall but also I want to start knitting a Dotted Rays shawl. I have a lot of left overs that would knit up pretty nicely for that one.

  • I’m working on a baby blanket currently for an upcoming new baby boy in the family. Afterwards I’ll be knitting some warm hats, I’m interning at the spinal cord injury rehab of my hospital and many of our patients are freezing due to the cold A/C. This way they’ll be a little warmer during their stay and have a little mento of their first months of therapy.

  • Just finished the magic cake shawl and am now ready to knit Shaelyn for my daughter. Thanks for a chance in this giveaway!

  • Love that bonnet. My sister’s pregnant with her 1st – a little girl (I have 2 boys of my own), so I’m busy knitting for my niece. Knitter’s Pride needles are my fave, so winning these would be awesome! Thanks for the chance.

  • Knitted several items for my daughter’s recent wedding. It’s time for me. Socks and to continue on a sweater coat.

  • I want to knit some shawls – I’ve been doing lots of sweaters this spring and now I want something lighter (and where gauge matters less!).

  • I’m knitting (and crocheting and sewing) a wardrobe for an American Girl Doll, Lots of small, light projects.

  • My friends and family keep having babies, so I’ll be knitting lots of baby things! (though I’d love to knit myself another tank, too)

  • I want to knit stuffies and plan to as soon as I get a sock, baby blanket, throw, shawl, and the messenger bag currently on the needles finished…….

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