The sweater that wouldn’t have happened without Cecily Glowik MacDonald



Cecily and I have collaborated on a few projects now: New England Knits, Weekend Hats, Wool One, Two, Three, Four and now Five (more one that one in my next post). She’s been there with me in the hospital for the birth of both of my daughters, which was an amazing gift already. But, when I was having my daughter Viviane this year, she said that she wanted to knit the sample for my next adult sweater design, a fingering-weight cardigan. This was the best, best, gift, because as a mama who supports herself with knitting design work, my knitting time was going to disappear fast with 2 children under 2.5 at home.

So this, my newest sweater, would never have happened without Cecily’s thoughtful gift, and you know that she has plenty of knitting of her own to do!

So, here is Willard, a top-down, open-front cardigan, in Quince’s fingering-weight yarn, Finch. the wide collar is picked up after knitting the body and features a reversible knit/purl arrow pattern on the long fronts that can lay flat or be folded back.

The pattern has a generous range of sizes and is 25% off until September 12th!

See it on ravelry here!

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