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Welcome to my new digs!

It’s been a busy summer with lots of new designs in the works. Cecily and I also have a 3rd book coming out in 2016! These days, my girls, now ages 15 months and 3 years, are always keeping me busy. I still sneak a few stitches here and there. But, we do other things, too.


To celebrate my return to blogging here, I’m having a little giveaway. 1 person will win a single-use coupon code worth $30 to my pattern store, and 2 people will win single-use $10 codes. To enter, just leave a comment and tell me about something that you’ve been up to this summer. I’ll use a random number generator to choose the winners on July 28th and post them here. Please share this post, if you can!

Also, you can still use the code BLOG at checkout in my pattern store for 30% off my self-published patterns this month.

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42 thoughts on “summer pattern giveaway!”

  • There will need to be an adaptation for my comment re ‘What have I been doing this Summer’ as it is actually winter in Australia! Though dreaming of the summer to come I have been ensconced on my country property in Tasmania with the warmth of a wood fire, bread baking and the ongoing rhythms of life on the land and the tasks that come with that. With the arrival of a new granddaughter the wool and needles have been out and most of my projects have been baby patterns. My plan for the months ahead is to start knitting up some of my favourite patterns from New England knits to gift at Christmas time.

  • I’ve started several new sweaters this summer…including one for myself finally! This is the most unfinishined objects I’ve had on needles at once since I’ve started knitting. I’m also hoping to finally take up cables soon.

  • I have a number of friends who are expecting baby girls in a few months….so your little sprout bonnet has been a quick and enjoyable knit.

  • I’ve mostly been working this summer, but have managed to go to Traverse City for a family wedding, had a mini break in Kansas City, and have finally gotten my list of WIP’s to a more manageable place…I’m also looking forward to a late summer getaway to Chicago for a preseason Bears game!

  • I’m in Germany visiting friends and got to visit a yarn store I’ve been following on Ravelry and Facebook – the Regenbogenschaf. Really nice little store, and I came home with yarn I won’t find anywhere in the U.S.!

  • I have been doing lots of sewing and have managed to make 3 dress/tunics for me. As always I have numerous wips on the needles and don’t seem to be able to just stick to one and get it finished it!
    I am also enjoying having my first cuppa of the day in the garden, outdoor cinema trips and of course Pimms!!

  • Summer is my favorite time of year. I have been knitting a lot and I love to knit while sitting on the beach. I am about to go to Italy with our daughter who goes off to college this fall. I am looking forward to some wonderful mother and daughter time. Of course, I have packed several projects to knit!

  • Knitting, spending time with my kids and dog inside and outside near and in the river, cleaning up the yard, daily errands, baking with my daughter, driving my sons to and from places, visiting parents and in-laws. I’d like to make time to spin yarn on my wheel, outside. We usually pick blueberries and sometimes raspberries or thimbleberries if near them. This time of year, we are outside more often since most of the year in Upper Peninsula, MI is chilly. Wagon rides from the top of the driveway downhill are always fun; my sons liked that and now my daughter does. I recently mended a large pile of clothes and there are still more things to mend. I’d like to dye more yarn and sew some things too. Soon, I’ll be painting a vintage sewing table with drawers. I like to bike, but that is not very convenient right now for a few reasons. …and the list goes on…

  • It seems like every weekend is filled with family events or friends coming over – all of which has been great fun. And… I am longing for some quiet time to knit and sip cocktails on the porch!

  • Going to community concerts in the park, playing with friends, and trying to arrange childcare. It’s been a good summer so far.

  • This summer I took my mom, my niece and some friends on a local yarn crawl. It was so fun to show my mom these shops, especially my favorite one an hour away that has an all gf-bakery.

  • I’ve been knitting, and driving kids to camp, games, and practices. Camping for a few days in a few weeks. My oldest has less than a month until school starts again and he is ready to go back.

  • We’ve had a bumper crop of cucumbers this summer, so I’ve been learning to make pickles – bread & butters, and today dills, although I won’t know for 2 weeks how well the dills turned out. Not much knitting has been happening, although my mental queue is as long as ever. I’m bringing about 6 projects for our 5 day beach trip, though!

  • I have been test knitting and sample knitting this summer, between spending time with my grandchildren and running. The weather in Michigan has been absolutely gourgeous this summer.

  • Hi Melissa, One thing I am doing this summer is getting back into sewing. My son has requested a new school bag, my knitting friends and I are always in need of just one more project bag to keep our latest WIPs in and my daughter and I love wearing dresses so I am trying to sew a little bit of everything. All of course of lots of help from my son and daughter. Thanks so much for this opportunity. ♡

  • This summer for me has been all about learning new things (spinning and crochet) as well as reconnecting with old friends. It’s been a lovely mix of new challenges and longtime loves.

  • can’t wait to see the new patterns! i’ve been spinning for tour de fleece this summer and knitting away during breaks (and real life) 🙂

  • Gardening in the very early morning….as it’s been to hot and humid for humans this summer!! Then knitting gives me the indoor past time that I cherish! Mutiple projects on needles….trying…..trying to stay focused!

  • I have been planning a family vacation for August – our first in many years so I am looking forward to that – knitting wise I haven’t done to much – working on a cotton and bamboo short sleeved top I hope to finish in time for the vacay – thanks for the opportunity to win some patterns 🙂

  • Just got back from a lovely trip hiking in the Sierras, seeing friends, and trying to keep my kids off their electronic devices. Their schools start in less than a month (yikes!), so now getting ready for that.

  • I have been working. 🙁 but soon will be going to Outer Banks, Nc for a family vacation. I also have been knitting for The Pink slipper Project and Click for Babies

  • We went to Portland, OR, to visit my sister’s family, hoping to enjoy some cool, rainy weather– but the Pacific Northwest is having a record heat wave, so instead we left behind 80-degree California for 95-degree Oregon. But we still had fun– and I had a chance to go to Powell’s Books and, of course, a couple of yarn shops (my sister doesn’t knit, but she’s very patient– maybe because I make things for her.). 🙂

  • Oh, that’s fun!
    We will do a biking tour this summer with our boys (16 and nearly 14 now) somewhere near/ in the Alpes (Austria or Switzerland). Hopefully the weather will be fine during this week ;o)

    And: Thank you for the giveaway :o)

  • I have been running around grass and beaches with my 2 year old enjoying the sun when it arrives here in the UK. And just watching and relishing every moment!!

  • Been relaxing and enjoying our great weather – catching up with friends and family, an out of town wedding and gardening.

  • I have two new babies (of friends) to knit gifts for so I have a baby blanket on the go, finished one Newborn Vertebrae and started another with yarn I bought last week while on holiday in Maine. Sitting and knitting on a deck overlooking the ocean was the best part of the trip!

  • Keeping up with my four year old and his insatiable appetite for the beach! Also, getting ready to teach knitting at my LYS this fall 🙂

  • I’ve been knitting away this summer. Shawls, sweaters, socks and next up a hat and a skirt. It’s been a great summer so far! A trip to my parents was our only vacation, but I’m gardening and raising chickens at home.

  • We grew corn in out little garden this year and have been having so much fun watching it grow and finally starting to eat it!

  • I turned our annual trip east to visit the inlaws into the epic America road trip. New Mexico to Virginia to North Carolina, a week in the Outer Banks, back to Virginia, left the kids for a quick few girls days in Denver, back to Virginia to retrieve my kids and car and back to NM. And I hit as many yarn shops as I could squeeze in along the way!

  • I’m finishing up all of the new baby projects that have been started in the past few months. My favorite? The one for my new grandchild!

  • Knitting socks and shawls and baby sweaters when not sanding, painting, and staining trim for our cabin or cooking for family.

  • I’ve been THINKING about knitting and how perfect your baby cardigans would look on my seven month-old granddaughter, Iris. They are so sweet–probably fall projects! I have also been getting four quilts ready to hang in our upcoming quilt guild show next week. And, of course, I always find time for a little genealogy (I’m a LaBarre/LaBar descendant!!).

  • As a New Yorker my whole life, I’ve never really taken advantage of the spectacular offerings of NYC. I mean people from around the world travel here to experience things right in my back yard. So this summer, I’m being mindful to go visit various outdoor places with people who are important to me. Like visiting City Hall and Wall Street with my dad. Walking the Brooklyn Bridge and visiting the Brooklyn Bridge Park with my significant other. Exploring different parts of Central Park with a colleague. I have plans to go biking around Governor’s Island and taking part of Summer Streets in August. I’m using this summer to teach myself to slow down and to appreciate and enjoy. There’s just so much good around, you just have to make time to see it.

  • I’ve been following my daughter, going to all of her swim meets. Trying to get some knitting done, and decided to organize certain parts of the house. I started a family binder also, as well as a bullet journal. So cool!

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