other making: the apple edition



Last weekend, we went to an event on a property with an old apple orchard. My daughter was picking an apple off a low branch when someone came over and told us that we could come back and pick as many as we wanted for free, because they were totally overwhelmed. Bonus, they were organic. Be still this frugal mama’s heart.

We came back a few days later and I packed 2 reusable grocery bags with as many as I could carry. Macs. Loads of them. I picked 1 bag of really small ones for my 1 and 3 year old to snack on, and lots of bigger ones to make apple sauce from and dehydrate.

We waited until my youngest went down for her 2 hour nap and then Stella and I, in her words, “made the biggest mess ever”. Lots of hand-over-hand peeling and cutting, and about 5 hours at 130f  later, we had one huge bag of dried apples. Not the prettiest looking things, but pretty delicious, anyway.

I’ve been planning to use my dehydrator a lot more this year. I just started a dehydrating board on Pinterest here, if you’d like to see what I’ll be making soon.

Oh, and because someone always asks, I use this dehydrator: L’equip  (I actually bought it 2 years ago, when another designer recommended it).


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