Z Wraps Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Giveaway!

Z Wraps Reusable Beeswax Food Wrap Giveaway!

Comment #13, Jennifer was the winner!

We’re always looking to make small changes to become more environmentally friendly around here. Things like metal straws, reusable snack bags, and adding a curbside compost service are just some of the small changes we’ve made.

This year, I’m ditching soaps and shampoos in all those plastic bottles, and switching to bar soaps and shampoos instead. I’m going to dip my toe in soapmaking this summer and trying to scavenge as many supplies as possible from my local Buy Nothing group (you should check to see if there’s 1 in your area, as we use it to pass along things we no longer need, too). I’m planning to knit myself some reusable swiffer covers this month (you can find both knit and crochet versions on Ravelry). We’re also trying to buy more bulk items, so we can refill jars instead of throwing out more plastic bags. Basically, my husband and I want to create less trash, and rely less on plastic this year.

Last year we started using some beeswax food wrap instead of plastic wrap, and though I had fun making some from my fabric scraps with just beeswax, they didn’t cling to bowls the way I wanted them to, so we used them mainly for sandwiches. Leave it to my crafty local mama-friend Michelle, who perfected the art of the beeswax wrap, by adding tree resin and Jojoba oil. I was able to keep my Quiche covered in the fridge without the wrap coming loose! Perfection!

She’s turned her wraps into a lovely new online shop, and as fellow mother who runs a crafty business, I am so excited for her! Michelle was sweet enough to share a few (in my favorite print, Farmer’s Market) with me. Instead of keeping them all to myself, I’m giving a medium Z Wrap (perfect for taking your sandwich to work or school) away to one lucky commenter (I’ll ship anywhere in the world). Share a small change you’ve made, or would like to make, in the comments. I’ll choose a winner using a random number generator on Sunday, January 21st! Good luck!

Z Wraps website!

Michelle’s Etsy shop!

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  • We were doing well walking and biking to school before the weather got bad. It’s not really safe or practical right now but I want to get back to it.

  • I’ve been working on being diligent with my composting and washing and reusing ziploc bags instead of just throwing them away after one use. Also I’ve been working to make more of my staples in the kitchen, broth, mayonnaise, bread, etc in an effort to reduce packaging I buy. Plus it all tastes better 🙂

  • we bought organic powder laundry soda in HUGE tub and refilling the smaller container from that. We buy hand made soap bars, I use organic coconut oil for face care and moisturizing our skin. That is just a few things that we are doing

  • My husband and I are due with our firstborn on Valentine’s Day! We opted for an entirely sustainable baby registry, with no plastic, harmful or disposable items in sight. While there is a higher upfront cost, as ongoing minimalists, we embrace the lack of clutter and excess for a smaller selection of well made and earth friendly items. I am excited to usher in 2018 with a new family member who is my inspiration for a greener life.

  • stainless steel containers and reusable snack bags have basically eliminated waste from our lunchboxes every day (except for things like granola bar wrappers…i guess that’s my next step…make the dang granola bars myself!)

  • I also got those metal straws and I am slowly trying to convert my husband’s kid lunch packing to less plastic. Love the link to the reusable snack and sandwich bags!

  • We’re reducing the quick, processed food from our home. Eventually, I hope to have the cupboards down to zero processed foods.

  • I have always tried to cut down on waste and use of plastic; from reusing zipploc bags, using reusable grocery bags, cloth diapering. This would be the perfect prize as I have been eyeing beeswax wraps for a while to replace ceran wraps! Thanks for the giveaway!!!!!!

  • We try to incorporated fresh veggies and fruit in as many meals as we can. If prices are high we use frozen.We compost and have a small garden for herbs, greens, beans, peas and tomatoes.

  • Those look great! I’m always trying to reduce my plastic use – I’m going to have give those metal straws a go, my kids would be thrilled if I let them use straws again! (We used up all the plastic ones and I told them in no uncertain terms I was not buying more!)

  • We are transitioning our house to use flannel wipes instead of tissues and cloth instead of paper napkins and paper towels.

  • I bought a bunch of inexpensive dish towels and use those instead of paper towels. I still have paper for some things, but have really reduced using them.

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