New pattern: Little Hiker’s Pullover

New pattern: Little Hiker’s Pullover

A while back, I accidentally felted my 4-year-old daughter’s favorite sweater, her Little Hiker’s Cardigan. I know, I know, I should definitely know better. It had gotten balled up in a pile of muddy clothes, and being a distracted mom, I tossed them all in the washing machine without sorting through them. At the time V was wearing that cardi at least 3-4 times a week, so I felt terrible about it, and went on about it for a bit on instagram.

The very sweet Karin from The Periwinkle Sheep offered to send me some yarn to knit miss V a replacement, and after it arrived, V proclaimed that she wanted the same sweater, but the kind you pullover your head, and she didn’t want any pockets. So, here it is, a pattern for V’s new sweater, the Little Hiker’s Pullover.

You can use the code NEW at checkout for 50% off until Christmas, and you can use that code on these patterns too.

This sweater is knit from the top down with round yoke and raglan shaping. The yarn is discontinued, but any bulky/chunky yarn with a recommended gauge of 3 sts an inch will do. There are yardage estimates for all of the sizes (Children’s 2-12). I recommend using Malabrigo Chunky for a hand-dyed look, or Quince and Co Puffin, for a beautiful solid. Either way, this will fly off the needles.

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